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Fuel Depot

In 2016 the major event in JV LLC Sakhalin-Shelf-Service activity was commissioning of Fuel Depot in Sakhalin Western Seaport.
Commissioning of Fuel Depot allowed SWSP to provide variety of vessels processing services.
Fuel Depot made it possible to bunker vessels onshore avoiding offshore bunkering.

The following are the advantages of onshore bunkering:
- the vessel is protected against any weather conditions;
- independence from external factors: bunkering can be done any time of the day and year;
- high level of operations control and spill prevention.

Total area of Fuel Depot is more than  23 000  2, and the following facilities are located there:
1) Special berth, total area of which is 56 2;
2) tanks for oil products storage. Total volume of oil product tanks is 14 000 m3. Diesel fuel and base oil can be stored there;
3) other technical facilities, which guarantee stable and safe operation of Fuel Depot.  

All operations are conducted under high level supervision:  Fuel Depot has all means and materials sufficient enough for emergency situation response in case of oil spill. The agreement with special oil spill response company is concluded for quick actions.   
Fuel Depot personnel and vessel crew control thoroughly the process of oil products bunkering preventing possible leaks and controlling vessels position beside the berth.