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Nogliki Shore Base


CUSTOMER:  “Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd»
Nogliki Supply Base was established by JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» together with JSC “Rosneft-Sakhalinmorneftegas” for continuous supply of diesel fuel to “Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Limited” OPF.

Diesel fuel, transported by JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» trucks is used for OPF generators, which produce electric power for LUN-A drill platform.  

Specialists of our company fulfill unique transportation projects following the highest standards of quality and safety without lost manhours. 
Satellite communication system and 24-hours monitoring system allows JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-Service” specialists monitor vehicles’ movement; Oil spill response plan is developed, approved and applied in case of emergency situation for quick oil spill response.  
For the first 1,5 years of work, more than 58 million of diesel fuel liters were delivered and more than 4000 trips of fuel trucks were made.   
These are the biggest volumes of fuel transported on the Far East in such short period of time on a very complicated route and in conditions of Sakhalin north.  

At the moment, supply base is used as a main transportation base of LLC “RN-Vostoknefteprodukt”.

Office - 70 ì2.
Warehouse - 4660 ì2.
Open storage area - 10000 ì2.


Fuel truck KAMAZ.
“NEFAZ” bus for crew change.
Escort vehicles - Land Cruiser.
KAMAZ with oil spill response equipment . 

PERSONNEL: up to 100 people.