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Sakhalin Western Seaport


  •     «Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Limited», 
  •     «Exxon Neftegas Limited»,
  •     LLC «Gazprom geologorazvedka»,
  •     LLC «FESCO Integrated Transport»,
  •     «Schlumberger»,
  •     Halliburton,
  •     Parker,
  •     LLC «Venineft»,
  •     LLC " FMC Eurasia" and etc.

In 2002 in close cooperation with  «Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Limited” JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-Service” started construction of Supply Base in the former Kholmsk Fish Port  to support “Sakhalin-2” project. At that moment, the port was on the verge of bankruptcy.   
It took 1,5 to make overall port reconstruction. So, instead of fully demolished Kholmsk Fish Port we got Separate Subdivision Sakhalin Western Seaport (SWSP)- the most modern port on Sakhalin and the only port on the Far East, specialized on supporting oil and gas projects.   
During the first three years of operation, SWSP processed all cargo, brought on Sakhalin for construction of gas line and other onshore facilities of “Sakhalin-2” project. 

Since 2005 SWSP has been functioning as unified onshore supply base for “Sakhalin-1” and “Sakhalin-2” projects, since 2009 – for “Sakhalin-3” project (LLC “Gazflot” – in 2014 renamed into LLC “Gazpromflot”), in 2013 – for LLC “Gazprom Geologorazvedka”, providing services for new drilling  platforms.   

Today, SWSP provides services for all Sakhalin shelf projects. Besides, it provides services for line vessels (LLC “FESCO Integrated Transport”) and tramp vessels as well.

Special facilities function in the port: mud plant, Fuel Depot, Bulk plant and customs control zone.

Offices – 2 000 ě2.
Warehouses –  30 000 ě2.
Open storage area – 70 000 ě2.
Berths – 1 090 ě.                              
Railway spurs – 2,5 km.

Port cranes (capacity 20 tns).
Port cranes (capacity 32 tns).
Port cranes (capacity 60 tns).
Gantry cranes, capacity 20-32 tns.
Mobile cranes, capacity 50-150 tns.
Forklifts, capacity 1,5 -23 tns.
Trucks, capacity 20 tns.

PERSONNEL: up to 500 people.