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Licenses, certificates and permits

JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-Service” has all valid licenses to perform any type of work (construction, transportation services, cargo storage) as well as any type of hazardous waste treatment activity:

- loading/unloading of hazardous cargo on railway transport.

  • Collection, transportation, neutralization and disposal of I-IV hazardous class waste .
  • Loading/unloading of hazardous cargo on water transport and in sea ports.
  • Utilization of natural resources.
  • Utilization of ionizing radiation sources.
  • Medical activities.
  • Radiation sources treatment during transportation and storage.
  • Operation of fire explosive and chemically dangerous operational facilities having  I,II and III hazardous class.
  • Certificate to permit execution of certain works, which may have impact on capital construction facilities safety.

Certificate of compliance confirms that Environmental Management system complies with requirement of International Standard  ISO 14001.
Certificate of compliance confirms that company’s Quality Management System complies with International standard ISO 9001.   

JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-Service” is entered into the Register of temporary storage warehouse owners. Company’s subdivisions are entered into the State Register of hazardous operational facilities. The list of such facilities is fixed in the Certificate of Registration, issued by Federal Service of nuclear, environmental and technological supervision.   

Labor and environmental safety

Taking into consideration the specific area company works in, as well as presence of hazardous operational factors, the company pays special attention to the issues of labor and environmental safety. Solution of these issues is a part of company’s every day activity, providing proper quality of work performance and being one of the most important indices of operational efficiency. All this is reflected in company’s financial results.    

JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-Service” activity is certifies and guided by environmental management system in accordance with International Standards of environmental safety management.  

Besides, the company has Health, Safety and Environment System, which forms internal HSE policy of the Company and helps to manage operational risks. It also regulates cooperation of all participants of operational processes at a level of personal and collective responsibility, provides the mechanism of fulfillment of Policy, approved in the company.   

Labor safety

Employees’ health and safety is the most valuable for JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-Service”.  Every day the company performs the most complicated transportation operations, accepts and stores different cargo, including hazardous ones, treats domestic and industrial waste of oil and gas complex, performs construction, maintenance and assembly works of any kind.  Such types of activity imply potential operational risks. JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» recognizes its responsibility for life and health protection of all employees. That is why, one of the major targets of the company is health protection of all employees and provision of safe work environment.

JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» tends to be a leader in HSE, confirming these intentions by international certificates and implementing progressive methods of safe work environment provision. It is achieved by following legal and technological norms in this area, mandatory internal expertise to confirm compliance with safety requirements of pre-project and project solutions, increasing quality of operational processes and, of course, due to following the rules of internal Policy, approved by the company.   

The company improves corporate culture, conducts different activities, aimed at establishment of motivation for safe behavior.   
JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» provides training to its employees about safe work methods, conducts common trainings and trainings together with special rescue services.   

The company has developed and applies HSE management system, which sets the requirements to internal system of HSE risk management, as well as regulates cooperation of all company’s departments following unified standard, enforcing the level of personal and common level of employees’ responsibility.   It, in its turn, improves operational efficiency and has positive effect on results of company’s activity.   

JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» monitors HSE management system regularly, makes necessary corrections and demonstrates regularly its compliance with modern norms and international standards in this sphere.   

Achievements of JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» in the area of HSE are marked with different rewards of professional competitions and diplomas of strategic partners.