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Transportation services

Transportation services, provided by JV LLC Sakhalin-Shelf-Service comply with international standards and meet the highest expectations of our clients.

For many years, major Russian and foreign companies working on oil and gas field of Sakhalin and other regions of Russia, have been our clients. For such companies the main criterion of carries is quality, reliability and quickness of transportation services provision. By trusting us in resolving the most difficult logistic tasks, our clients can be sure in timely and safe delivery of cargo.
JV LLC Sakhalin-Shelf-Service is ready to provide vide range of transportation services (including hazardous) by trucks, railway and by sea. The company has its own vehicles fleet and special equipment used for different purposes and having different capacity. In addition to it, company has supply bases, special warehouses and cargo storage areas.

Due to our experience in logistic, developed transportation schemes, availability of operation and technical resoirces and different options, JV LLC Sakhalin-Shelf-Service may guarantee its clients decent services provision level and responsible approach to orders fulfillment.

The services are provided on the entire territory of Sakhalin, in Far East regions and out of it.

Transportation of big size (1-18 tns) and oversized cargo in Sakhalin region and on Far East.
Transportation of heavy and very heavy cargo on Sakhalin and in the Far East.
Transportation of bulk cargo.
Transportation of hazardous and extremely hazardous cargo (acids, paints, mercury containing substances and etc.)
Provision of vehicles escort with security.
Provision of traffic police escort.
Transportation of oil containing products.
Loading-unloading operations (3-140 tns cargo) involving trained personnel and developed technological cards.
Freight forwarding services.
Logistic services.


Trucks with trailers (12-14 m long, capacity up to 70 tn), including offroad trucks.
Cranes and pneumatic cranes (capacity up to 150 tns).
Trucks to transport oil products (up to 15 m3), with pumping systems.
Cargo trucks with handling mechanism (capacity up to 8 tns).
Vacuum trucks (-6.6).
Vehicles for personnel transportation (up to 24 persons).
Offroad vehicles for crew change (up to 24 persons) .
Offroad vehicles (44).
Forklifts and loaders.